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She blasted Kristen as a cheater in a scathing social media tirade after they broke up.

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Kristen Stewart is a celebrated actress and fashion icon.She's also rather problematic, based on the many headline-making scandals that have plagued her personal and professional life.Stewart laughed off rumors of an off-screen romance with Pattinson at first, but spies soon caught the real-life Bella and Edward holding hands.Although Angarano and Stewart were photographed together amid the scandal, their relationship eventually fell apart, reported magazine in which she owned up to her actions, saying, "I'm deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I've caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected.The evidence: Stella recently visited Kristen on the set of an upcoming film in Savannah, GA, and "a source in their circle" gushes to the celeb title that the two are absolutely besotted with each other, clearly still in their honeymoon phase.

If all checks out, this will undeniably make for the hottest celebrity couple together right now.

She told : "I'm not the type of actor who can perform without wearing a mirror on my face. "I was like, 'OK, cool.' We hadn't spoken in a long time, but I didn't know we had broken up." When offered a cameo as Snow White, she smirked and said: "I might just leave that be.

Everyone knows that you're better with other actors who are really present, who you are having the same experience with, but I am made or broken on it. I was really into that, but…Now I'm like…'Thank God.'" about how sexist Hollywood can be.

Here are just a few of the ways Stewart might be sketchier than some people realize. "It wasn't a situation where I got kicked off a movie because I got in trouble.

Stewart has been criticized by some moviegoers for, in their opinion, her compulsive lip-biting and lack of other emoting in movies, but according to her, that stuff is the fault of other actors. And I had a meeting with Universal about the places where the story could go. We had been in talks months after that about making something work, and it never came together." She added that she found out about from a press release.

K-Stew (as she hates to be called) has been linked to men and women of various ages and walks of life, and doesn't seems to have zero f-cks to give with regard to folks throwing shade at her love life. Vincent (the singer, not the actual saint), but now it looks like she's moved on to a younger model. We're not saying that these two definitely won't last, but Kristen does seem to prefer shorter relationships these days.