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However 18V engines to European emission control requirements ECE 15 are quoted as 170 to 190 or 195psi, although some have said that pressure can't be reached with 9.0:1 compression ratio.June 2014 After 25 years I've done a compression test on Bee prior to changing the head gasket due to combustion gases in the radiator.There will be very slight suction on the rocker cover hose from the air cleaner, varying with throttle opening, and when under way there may also be slight suction on the open end of the timing cover hose from the effect of the air passing its open end.

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From the Workshop Manual high-compression engines (8.8:1) should be 160psi and low compression (8.0:1) 130psi for 18G engines.

18V high compression are slightly higher at 9.0:1 and 170psi at 275rpm.

It was fine just 1/2" back from there, so I trimmed it back and secured it with a clamp and it is working again, but it did make me wonder if it had sucked fuel in during the test (throttle wide open remember) and that had perished the hose.

Emptying the carbs would prevent that, but if you do the wet test some oil is likely to get in anyway. On the pukka kit there are two pressure gauges, one either side of a restriction, with the 'inlet' gauge connected to a compressor via a control valve, and the 'outlet' gauge connected to the cylinder. put it in 4th gear with the handbrake firmly applied to prevent the compressed air pushing the piston down.

Soon after Eric Cantona retired from Manchester United, he received a letter from Sir Alex Ferguson.

“Some months have passed since we last spoke and I felt that I should write to you as a mark of respect and esteem in which I hold you,” Ferguson wrote. [This letter] is to remind you how good a player you were for Manchester United and how grateful I am for the service you gave me. You are always welcome here and if you just pop in unexpectedly for a cup of tea, no fanfare, just for a chat as…A PCV valve was fitted to the inlet manifold, and the purpose of this valve is to provide a source of a continuous low-level suction under varying engine operating conditions.The port on this valve is connected to a port on the front tappet chest cover, which contains a wire gauze mesh that acts as an oil-trap as well as a flame-trap.“When we re-started training, I kept waiting for you to turn up as normal . “I will never forget that and I hope you won’t either . Compression Testing Crankcase Breathing Dating the Engine Dipstick!A little more difficult to determine which inlet valve is at fault using this method though.