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She’s used to getting flowers after each time he had cheated on her.

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She isn't used to feeling like she can honestly express or communicate how she is feeling without being judged or called emotional.She's used to pretending that she's alright so that no problems would arise from her feelings.Because she sees something incredible and amazing inside of you.You are the first person she has been open to trying again with, and that says something about you and your character.It seems to me as though, strangely enough, you and she are actually in a rather similar position.

Take some strength from this and try to put yourself in her shoes; do you think you could make a go of it with someone new if you were always thinking your old love?

Yours sincerely, Peter It’s the usual old question, isn’t it? It seems to me that your ex-girlfriend (though is she really yet your ex if she keeps texting and being in touch with you? She breaks up with her ex and, presumably, feels great about it.

She starts seeing you, but, because she hasn’t seen her old boyfriend for a few months, he suddenly becomes, in her memory, a lot more of an attractive proposition. Now, believe me, you don’t do that to someone you’re not fond of.

She's still learning how to trust again, so while she's doing that, trust me in telling you she's worth the extra time, the hugs, the trying to understand moments.

My girlfriend broke up with me after six months because she can’t forget her ex, whom she was with for five years. Even so, she’s not back with him, so I don’t think that’s really the problem.

She's used to bottling in her true emotions so that he wouldn't accuse her of trying to start a fight over nothing.