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I want this person to continue to want to hang out with me, so I’m basically on my best behavior. Personally, I know that when I enter a new relationship, or even when I just start casually hanging out with a crush, I get a little weird.Second, hooking up with other people does not make you slutty - you have nothing to be ashamed of! Source: Shutter Stock Again, this goes back to people being afraid of having open communication or coming off as too vulnerable.

In my therapy practice, I've seen too many people in pain because a person they are convinced is right for them chooses not to be in a relationship with them.

Usually these people tell me, "But this person feels so right for me. Is it possible for something that feels so right, to be wrong? Sometimes what makes a person feel attracted to another comes from a place of unresolved issues.

For example: if he says "hey :)" is that better than "heyy? Source: Shutter Stock When you first start dating someone, you're not only trying to make a good impression, you're also trying to avoid any awkward confrontation or conversations that could lead to an argument.

You're also probably not comfortable enough to have open communication.

How can you tell if you're always falling for the wrong type of person? To start, ask yourself if you can relate to the following three statements.

If you are guilty of any of the above, your relationship choices are likely coming from unresolved personal issues.And when you're operating from a place of unresolved issues, it can actually be dangerous to trust your 'instincts'.Here are a few examples of repeatedly falling for the wrong person, even though it feels right. These are all things you know you shouldn’t do, but… It’s not that I’m acting fake – it’s just that I’m not exactly comfortable enough to just be myself. Maybe you haven’t done all of this stuff, but you’ve definitely made a few of these bad decisions when you’ve started seeing someone new.It's not until your obsession cools down a little bit that you realize the signs were there all along, you just didn't want to acknowledge them.