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When I say love music, I mean it is everywhere and all the time... You will definitely know if there is a party in your neighborhood!Not unexpectedly, you probably won't get invited to those parties until you speak the language!If you plan to live here for any length of time, my suggestion would be to listen carefully, be patient, respect their culture (it's only about 1,000 years OLDER than our culture in the US), and act like you are a guest... Those who come here to live will be subject to culture shock.

Locally, they are known as Las Bolas (literally The Balls).The spheres are commonly attributed to the extinct Diquís culture and are sometimes referred to as the Diquís Spheres.The name comes from a preference Ticos have of using the diminutive in their speech.By diminutive, I mean they change everything so it means 'little something'. In fact, it makes learning Costa Rica style Spanish a bit harder as you have to learn these diminutives even if you don't use them. Because many people pronounced the diminutive saying momentito (meaning just a short moment), as "momentico". They certainly don't look dangerous to each other!We North Americans tend to be direct and straight forward.

Those from New York may be even a bit more, ahem, direct.They worry about politics, Iraq, crooked politicians, and the economy. This can cause MUCH confusion to foreigners, especially North Americans who tend to be very direct.If a Tico feels a "no" answer would in any way offend, they may well say "yes" or "maybe", or "I think so" or "that might be difficult", which is still pretty much means "no", but sounds more polite! Many visitors, especially from the US, find this a tad difficult to comprehend.Remember too that just because an individual does not speak English does not make him stupid. For many years the airport was not in its current location in Alajuela.It was located in the center of what is today Parque La Sabana!They want to love and be loved, they want their children to be educated, they worry about their teenagers getting tongue rings and tattoos, they worry about the guy their daughter is dating, and they want to thrive and prosper.