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Our team of specialists is dedicated to the success of your business and speak both English and Arabic.Whether you are importing refrigerated goods from South America, exporting petrochemical, oil-based or chemical products or transporting personal effects, we are here to help you with all of your shipping needs.On 26 May, 1 of the confirmed cases with an exposure history in Republic of Korea travelled, against medical advice, to Guangdong, China, via Hong Kong (SAR). On 29 May, China informed WHO that the patient, who was isolated at a Huizhou hospital, tested positive for the MERS coronavirus.The occurrence of such a large outbreak outside the Middle East is a new development, as is exportation of the disease to a third country.The Republic of Korea’s first, or “index”, case was confirmed on 20 May and notified to WHO the same day.

The case occurred in a 68-year-old national of the Republic of Korea with a recent history of travel to 4 countries in the Middle East.The outbreak of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, or MERS-Co V, in the Republic of Korea continues to evolve.WHO is in close contact with the country’s government and Ministry of Health, and is receiving information as soon as facts are confirmed.Applications for short stay visas are accepted at the Visa Application Centre through prior appointments.The service charge fee must be paid online and Visa Fees has to be paid at the Visa Application Centre at the time of application submission.Much about the behaviour of the virus remains shrouded in scientific uncertainty, though evidence is mounting that dromedary camels can transmit the virus to humans through close contact.