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She will impress you with how short her showers are (probably shorter than yours! Being able to change up their look can be exciting and fun!

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I think it just depends on the woman and how she step-daughter was bald during and after chemotherapy ... What is on a person's head is not nearly as important as what is in a person's head..heart. (men and women)__________________________________________________________Smart Blonde, I agree. I also love "What good is a 0 haircut on a fifty cent head? I am looking for a sweet bald girl to date and hope it will lead to more. From the very front she looked normal but the top and back she was clearly balding like a middle age man.

she also lost a few not entirely necessary body parts ... neither particularly attractive but she was feeling so miserable otherwise that I doubt she cared how pretty she was or wasn't ... her face slimmed back down, she wore some really cute hats ... and she's grateful for it, even though I'm sure she misses all the long red tresses from before the cancer ... "I think bald women are way more sexy than their hairy counterparts. She was very popular and her baldness did not seem to hold her back at all.

now her head's covered with a silvery blonde cap of hair that's quite becoming ... personally, I think she's more beautiful than ever before! I'm another who has experienced chemo-induced baldness. I've met men who believe I'm sexy with the bald head. Well one day the prof announces some very bad news.

I grin whenever she's around or I see her picture ... congratulations to everyone out there who's survived cancer! (Chemo induced.) I actually got more attention then, lol! When I was bald, I felt it to be a very liberating experience. Our class was randomly selected to take the full cpa exam despite the fact we were only second year students.

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She was even more popular after that quick thinking stunt!

I freely admit that even at my current age I would be embarrassed to have a bald spot because it seems like a loss of self control and that is something I am sensitive about..

The fact she is able to rock who she is and deal with the way society feels about bald women proves she is as strong as they come.

I mean, some women do like bald men but if think that a significant percentage of women won't date someone without any hair while I do not know any woman who won't date a guy who does have hair.

When I started back to work, my hair was short short short. There were no bad hair days, no blow drying, curling or fussing trying to get my hair just right and washing my scalp in the shower was a lickety-split procedure. You're right though, baldness on a woman makes some folks very uncomfortable. The funniest was my autistic kid, who is non-verbal. (Adding you to my prayer list.)I just had a real close brush with bald. It's growing back now, and is a bit curlier than what I lost, and it's going to take years to forever to get back to where it was. Our prof was a very cool guy and declared this was completely unfair and he was going to the Dean about getting it stopped.