Dating army special forces

In the future, they will transit onto the FRES UV vehicles.

Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment is already a Mechanized Battalion, operating with the FV430 MK3 Bulldog.

The Rifles have re-roled to Mechanized infantry, from their original Armoured status with Warrior.

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D.8, chapter Two: Defence, page 32, states that “we will also, for now, assume that by 2020 we will require a Royal Navy of 29.000 (down from 30.000 in 2015), an Army of 94.000 (also down by further 1000 men) and a RAF of 31.500 (down from 33.000 in 2015)”.Rumors are that the Army will actually go down to around 80.000 soldiers by 2020, but for now i'll stick to the SDSR figures.A graphic of the revised, single Divisional HQ "UK Support Command", the new Territorial Army, in my own speculative version, inclusive of the reduction from 10 to 8 Regional Brigades.At least one other brigade might go if 6 battalions are really closed the TA Challenger formations get the chop.The main change will happen in the Divisionary support assets: the division will receive the 40 Royal Artillery Close Support Regiment, with the L118 Light Gun, to form a stable, division-managed DAG.

The Regiment will be available for deployment and its L118 guns could be issued to the AS90 Regiments if deemed more appropriate for the mission at hand, as already happens regularly.The Chief of the General Staff, Sir Richard Dannatt, wanted this restructuring to ensure that soldiers would be able to enjoy 2 years and a half of break between war tours, or at least 2 years (as stated by the current guidelines) when a larger operation was at hand.The 2010 SDSR, as we know, has conserved the Multi Role Brigade concept, but now the brigades will be 5 instead of 8, and the Divisional HQs will only be 2, with the second deployable only after augmentation.However, many of the Bulldogs will be retired earlier as part of the draconian cuts to the armoured vehicles fleet that will come in Planning Round 2011 and be implemented in the successive 18 months.In my plan, this Battalion will thus lose the Bulldog, and become an “elite” “High-Mobility” Mechanized Battalion using the Warthog vehicle.Army 2020 in detail - putting flesh on the bones of the official announcement Army 2020 first details Army 2020 is announced five multi-role brigades each comprising reconnaissance forces, tanks, and armoured, mechanised and light infantry, plus supporting units, keeping one brigade at high readiness available for an intervention operation, and four in support to ensure the ability to sustain an enduring stabilisation operation; precision Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) rockets that can strike targets up to 70 km away, and Loitering Munitions able to circle over a battlefield for many hours ready for fleeting or opportunity targets; a new range of medium weight armoured vehicles, including Terrier engineer vehicles and the Scout reconnaissance vehicles and in due course the Future Rapid Effects System Utility Vehicle (FRES UV) which will be the core of the Army’s armoured manoeuvre fleet; heavily armoured vehicles, including Warrior infantry fighting vehicle, AS90 artillery and Titan and Trojan engineer vehicles and Challenger tanks, in smaller numbers than now but sufficient to conduct operations in high-threat situations; a range of ISTAR capabilities including: Watchkeeper unmanned aerial vehicles; man-portable and vehicle-fitted electronic warfare equipment; deployable surveillance to protect forward operating bases; and a force protection system to protect against indirect fire such as artillery and mortars; a fully deployable divisional headquarters, with a second headquarters capable of preparing and training subordinate forces for operations which could, with suitable warning, be augmented to deploy in an operational role on an enduring operation; significantly reduce our non-deployable regional administrative structure to enhance our focus on front-line capabilities.