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Using 1" thick HDF wood to build a massive enclosure, special designer styling cues bring a lovely rounding and tapering the back of the enclosure.

In addition to that massive build, specially engineered 0.25" stainless steel panels further strengthen and deaden the enclosure from unwanted resonances.

suspended above it by two solid steel structures, one on each side to suspend and completely separate the midrange and tweeter enclosure.

Gershman Acoustics' Posh crossover is constructed with point-to-point silver soldering and features top-of-the-line Mundorf MCap R Supreme Classic Silver-Gold/Oil signal capacitors.Sonically, Gershman Acoustics says this version from Mundorf truly stands out due to its wonderful natural singing and exceptional micro dynamics.The Posh loudspeakers are constructed with a totally new approach incorporating two entirely separate enclosures placed one above the other in such a manner that they blend seamlessly into one.Each loudspeaker has a double woofer enclosure placed on a very impressively custom designed Tip Toes, and an A-shaped enclosure.Gryphon Audio Designs of Denmark have earned universal praise for innovation in both electronics and loudspeakers and for their range of accessories, audio peripherals that go the extra mile in the refinement of any high-performance system.

Early on, Gryphon dismissed the notion of vibration control via absorption/dispersion using soft materials to convert resonances to heat.

Pads, springs, viscous damping, rubbery feet etc., typically provide a largely random mix of coupling and decoupling of the audio component to the underlying surface.

And thus the all-new Gryphon Atlas Spikes employ effective mechanical earthing, to divert resonances away from vibration-sensitive components where they could do audible and visible harm.

Gershman Acoustics' Posh reference floorstanding loudspeaker may also be ordered in any custom color to meet you needs and decor.

Hi-Fi World's December issue features reviews of the Spendor D9 loudspeakers, Rock Hi-Fi stands, Chord Hugo 2, Cowon Plenue 2 portable digital audio player, Leema Quasar amplifier, Exposure XM5 integrated amplifier, Teac X-2000m Open Reel, Audio Technica AT700 Series MM cartridges, plus coverage of the Indulgence Show 2017.

Within Noel Keywood's editorial he says, "I suspect open-reel analogue tape recorders might be a future retro-revival niche though; Technics are about to launch a stunning looking SP-10R Direct Drive turntable and are getting right back behind analogue audio with serious product.