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You'd have to go back through hundreds of my posts, but I posted on that thread many times - it might be a good read for you.Hey, it seems Love Shack has a search feature that actually works impressively.Around 2 months into mine and amber(my step sister) relationship, i told my real dad and stepmom because their amazingly xhill about most things.

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(and like all great stories we never get to hear the ending) It might please you to read such a story, because I sense that to be the ending you want to know. Even with all the protection in the world nothing is a guarantee. I don't want to sound harsh, but at your age you can't possibly know what love is.

You may think it's love, but really your lives are just beginning. There are tons of other girls out there, **** get her to introduce you to one of her friends.

Just sayin' I don't even know if "moral" is the right word.

It isn't genetically/scientifically wrong, and in your case that part is a black and white issue, given the lack of shared DNA.

This would constitute a stepsister (or stepsis) and a stepbrother (or stepbro).

In fairy tales, stepsiblings and half-siblings can but need not take after their mother.i feel like if i got my mom alone she would also be okay with seems as if she gives off clues that she knows and is okay with it which is very confusing. so i need some feedback and what to do you think what im doing is morally right compared to society?However, had you and your step-sister begun living under the same roof from, say, age 3 and 4 (or thereabouts) and evolved to later have a serious/sexual relationship, that would probably do you both at least a little bit of harm, in terms of blurring the important lines between 'family/siblings' and romance.Luckily, in most such cases, the way that your (guardians) would have treated you in such a familial setting would have inspired all but the most (troubled, perhaps) of humans to have any interest in a sexual relationship with such a person.The stepfamily premise dates back as far as the 1968 film Yours, Mine and Ours.