Montreal sex chat room Dating a recovering heroin addict forums

I certainly would NEVER date a recovering addict again, I don't care how much time they have under their belt!

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It can be times of the year like holidays or particular emotions like grief.This is another area in which communication is key and often something those in recovery are quite good at.Addiction is described by the Merriam Webster dictionary as the “compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance (such as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal.” This broad definition can not take into account the many individual experiences of addiction and recovery. Some go to 12 step meetings or other sober support groups. Some find support and spiritual renewal in church while others engage in certain self-care practices to maintain an emotional and physical balance that allows them to remain free of addictive behaviors.Therefore, it is essential if you are dating a recovering addict that you understand your partner’s addiction and what elements are key in his/her recovery process. Knowing what those practices are and understanding them can make dating a recovering addict a far richer, healthier, and fulfilling experience.Sharing beloved activities (hiking, biking, traveling, movies) can be a bonding experience for a couple.

If you are considering dating someone then having these interests in common is a positive indicator that you may be compatible.

It is said that communication is the most important feature of a healthy relationship.

That could not be more true when it comes to a relationship when one or both of the partners are in recovery.

I don't think it is advisable to date a "Recovering Addict" if you've never dealt with addiction yourself.

I was involved with a "Recovering Addict" for four years.

He alleged that he had been clean of crack for 14 years when we met.