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Jesus and Mary Magdalene (the incarnation of the Sophia, divine mother) incarnate on earth to salvage the divine sparks within humans who are trapped here in this world.

It is much deeper than the mainstream branches of Christianity, the Garden of Eden for example was a vile place, where the demiurges held humans captive, and the false god (blind god) is trying to dethrone the good god and take dominion, attempting to crush the divine mother and the Logos.

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Gnostic Christianity is the belief that a lesser creator, a malevolent one created the world. Gnosticism is the belief that an evil god created the world with light he obtained from the divine Sophia, the female counterpart to the good god. A blind god that created the material world and humans were engineered by demons.

The mortal form is corrupt and so is nature, hence decay and death.

I spend a lot of time daydreaming, so I have a lot of characters waiting for their turn to transform into a story. Chasing The Rainbows: A “Prosetry” – atrangizindagieksafar 39.

Anecdotes and scenes are constantly forming in my mind.

How difficult was it to get a publisher for your book and what was the timeframe involved with the process itself? It was an arduous journey of stubbornness that I would win an agent.

Bill Gladstone gave me a break after a year of searching. Traversing the edge of hell’s precipice, Estella and Mikhail are reduced to mere instruments. Mikhail’s only recourse is to jointly with a trusted ally, overcome the Threefold Death, the ancient ritual of apotheosis—of man becoming God. Then poets such as Charles Baudelaire and William Blake, Yeats, Hugo, Wordsworth etc. Growing up reading a lot of mythology, I was deeply influenced by the stories of the old gods and goddesses, they were my heroes and those I looked up to. Congratulations for completing it and getting it published. Sascha Darlington’s Microcosm Explored – Deception — Day 10 #Na Po Wri Mo #amwriting 73.