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Words like ‘bravura,’ ‘bravado,’ and ‘sprezzatura’ [‘rehearsed spontaneity’] came to describe artists whose works were marked by ‘effortless’ flow, energy, and movement – even as far back as the 1500s!

) All of these terms apply to Maltzman’s zest and action in paint.

Either way, I am excited to see how this all transpires. I had no idea she was joining the show and she makes a wonderfully hilarious glee club instructor for Vocal Adrenaline.

Surely, not one work is brought to the market until it reaches a pitch of perfection: imagine a director and his editor working tirelessly to finalize a film before it hits theaters worldwide or a classic magazine like a labor of love before hitting the newsstands!

Indeed, Maltzman can point to many important collectors of his works -- from celebrities to film and business people, internationally.

Just as Jazz music was the first totally American musical form of international proportions, so Abstract Expressionism was a uniquely American language of art, which influenced artists on every continent.

Even Picasso had to retort with his near-abstractions of the 1970s!

The Lionel Richie cover of “Hello” was my favorite of the night [performed by Rachel Berry and Jesse St. Sue Sylvester, the Old Maids Club, and Idina were the highlights of the night. To top it all of, FOX broadcast this teaser for next weeks, “The Power of Madonna” episode. I must say thought that I almost hope that the alternate reality doesn’t implode by the end of the season for I was overjoyed with Hurley’s and Libby’s reunion in Los Angeles. Also, I was quite shocked that they blew up Ilana (for a moment), but then I realized that it was inevitable. Desmond is starting to work his magic in the alterate reality, enticing Hurley to connect with Libby and running over John Locke, and Jack, Hurley and Sun arriving at Locke’s camp.

I laughed out loud at this very accurate portrayal of the Madonna music video from years past. I also wonder if they are going to answer this Purgatory-esque vibe that was given off by Michael and the whispering voices when Hurley spoke to him in the woods.We can easily see in Maltzman’s work the quick, action-packed passages and brushstrokes which characterize the New York School -- but here imbued with So Cal youthfulness and glamour!(The Italian art historians, starting in the Renaissance, noticed artists who were quick and confident in their brushwork, too.Maybe they are what make up the smoke monster…I NEED ANSWERS! “John May” This is what I was talking about on my last post about the show. Not only did we find out about John May and the history of him with Ryan, but there was some action, some development and some resolution.It looks like next week is going to be just as good as the show comes to a close in just a few weeks. Erica, Ryan and Jack go to John May’s old house to look for the communication device that we heard about in the last episode.So did all of those people do something terrible on the island and are stuck?