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He's a very smart guy, who demonstrated in winning a number of memory challenges that he's sharp, and he improved his athletic skills against Shane.

Yes, he trusts people too much, that's for sure, and is clearly a bit naïve, but it's a testament to a man who's honorable and sticks to his word.

Contestants are undercut and blindsided all the time, but never in the manner afforded Frank Eudy, who was evicted last night.

But like many such situations, nominating Frank became the thing to do, even after he made deals with oodles of fellow house guests to keep each other "safe" in the coming weeks.

First, he had a deal with Willie Hantz, brother of notorious season.

He was convinced that at worst it would be a tie and that perhaps Ian would vote to evict Joe, because Frank had given up his right to participate in the next HOH competition.

This is where I think Dan's arrogance is sure to trip him up, because while Ian sabotaged Boogie and Frank's game, Dan was an even greater bold-faced liar, pledging his fealty to Frank, while holding a bible, swearing on his wife's name and a neck chain given to him by his late grandfather.

But I have watched every season and it can be intriguing at times, with some contestants fascinating to watch with their inflated egos and overblown personalities.

There's no question the strategy of the game is to form alliances and get through as many weeks without being nominated for eviction and a date with perennial host Julie Chen.

However, Shane is a physical guy and won the Power of Veto, removing himself from nomination.

Frank couldn't understand why there was a campaign to undercut him and made a deal with Shane to work together.

Shane stuck to it and didn't nominate him when he won HOH the following week, but when he won Power of Veto he removed Ashley Iocco, whom he had nominated along with Joe, and sneakily back-doored Frank into nomination with a sure bet he'd be gone.

Only a change in the format saved Frank, when the other three returning player coaches, Dan, Britney Haynes and Janelle Pierzina voted to take part in the game and the nominations were expunged.

Especially since it turned out to be a double eviction night and Ian managed to win the HOH competition, convinced he could screw Frank. To make matters worse, he nominated his household crush, Ashley, who'd been so sweet to him but was straight that their relationship was platonic.