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I ungraded my electrical panel to a 200amp, in the old box I didn't have ant circuits left and he said I needed a least four to six blank spot for future additions.

We found a generator that would handle my two AC units and electric stove and dryer. SO I AM READY FOR THE LONG HAUL, if we are with out power for two to four weeks again doing hurricane season.

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As a mater of fact he's installing a generator for my daughter this week I had to upgrade from 100 to 200 for a hot tub, plus had a bad breaker that is NO LONGER made, found an electrician that did a very good job for 650 bucks. Did it myself, took two days to upgrade to 200 Amp service from 100 Amp. And if in doubt, an electrician can verify your work. But if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself - then dont. It pulled the weather head, riser and snapped the meter off just above the panel.Once box is cold you cant shock yourself- city inspector will point out if you missed something. Electricity was still flowing but when the provided came out that cut my main at the weather head and left it hot until I could get it fixed. The 75' of 200 amp 4/0 was about 0, the meter can with main breaker was about 0, alone.The first thing he pointed out was the code does not allow double lugging and piggy backing on breaker.Now grant it Cleve told me up front he wasn't licensed or bonded but he provided me with many references and phone number to them all.He warrantied his work for 10 years and put me on a home maintenance plan to take care of my electrical issues in the future. Bob had to be moved 1 ft to be 3 ft away from water heater . He even replaced the stucco where there were gaping holes in outside wall.

I do not like the new electrical panel box itself ,a Murray.Which I must say he got rave reviews from everyone I called.After explaining what I wanted he reviewed with my his suggestions and what he thought was best.(our house was built in the 70's and we remodeled) Mc Caa came out, broke out all the stucco, replaced the panel, pulled the permits, coordinated with our local power provider (PG&E)to disconnect everything and reconnect everything, it passed inspection the first time and the inspectors seemed to know Mc Caa very well.He upgraded everything in relation to that panel to current codes (which was included in the price).0 in parts for the essentials (weatherhead, conduit, 4/0 triplex, SEU cable, meter socket, new panel, breakers) and about 0 in incidentals (junction boxes and romex to extend/reroute several circuits, wire nuts, romex connectors, bushings, glue, anti-ox compound, etc.) Free disconn/reconn from Xcel Energy. if you have never done this, pay someone to do it!!