Consolidating debt into mortgage scotiabank

So I emailed the "Office of the President", explained myself, and got a phone call from them in two days. APPLY NOW Do you need a loan to start a business we are here to help you We offer loan at a very low percent rate of 3% Contact us today for your loan Email: [email protected] bank suck big time they lie cheat I had a mortgage at scotia that was due to renew for 5 year I started to renew my mortgage but count get answers or even meet the loan officer,so I started to see other banks I went to a TD bank and was receive like a family member dint have to take an appointment they gave me the best rate they could and more.

I wasn't able to answer the call, but they left a message asking me to call back. Then finally I was able to get an appointment with scotia a their convenience and had to take a day off work to see them after talking to them I was not happy I was treated like a piece of shit by the loan officer so I decided to meet with the bank manager and was told to take an appointment I told them that my mortgage was getting due and I had to decide what I was gonna do I was told that since I started the negotiation that I had plenty of time to do so .

The lawyers know they are guilty and fighting for their careers so they filed the last 3 lawsuits to try and destroy me...

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This would include Scotiabank’s withholding of Pamela De Souza’s statement which aids the professional misconducts of Enio Zeppieri and his associates. The statement should contain the exact quote said to us by Pamela De Souza several times during her self claimed disturbing telephone call from Theresa Hamid on June 10th 2009. Martin Sclisizzi of Borden, Ladner Gervais LLP Martin Buhler now with Sugden, Mc Fee & Roos LLP Elissa Goodman of Borden, Ladner Gervais LLP Crooked Lawyers from Chaitons LLP representing Equifax Canada Inc. Stephen Schwartz of Chaitons LLP Karine De Champlain now with Ackroyd Law LLP Crooked Lawyers Helping Crooked Lawyers COMMIT or ESCAPE from Criminal Acts & Professional Misconducts Giacomo (Jack!We may be forced into taking further legal action against Scotiabank if Scotiabank does not co-operate. Pamela De Souza quoted to us: “You should check to see if the Clark’s have insurance on their mortgage in case they torch their house! ) Rosati of Giacomo Rosati LLP Ron Palleschi of Ron Palleschi LLP Heidi Rubin of Dewart Gleason LLP Sean De Wart now with Dewart Gleason LLP Harry Mc Murtry of Affleck Greene Mc Murtry LLP Crooked Members of Crooked Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) that will not properly investigate!So, the courts may put an innocent man in jail because I will not stop telling the truth until some lawyers are charged criminally and/or permanently disbarred!The Courts have already destroyed me and my family by allowing the lawyers' conspiracies to continue with the lack of proper verdicts hiding truth and history!Looks like the staff working there are money hungry people with no sense of human relations and they talk alot of bull.

I wish I could pull out from that bank but because of all the complications involved I have to stick the grind until something better could work out for me. We, RNC and RBC, of ## XXXXXX Crescent, XXXX, Ontario, XXX XXX have stopped all bi-weekly mortgage payments to the (Mortgage #00####-0) of ## XXXXXX Crescent, XXXX, Ontario, due to the lack of co-operation by the Bank of Nova Scotia, in the releasing of Pamela De Souza’s statement regarding the slanderous comment made to Pamela De Souza by Theresa Hamid of Enio Zeppieri & Associates LLP. and against us by Enio Zeppieri and his associates.

the judges are not listening to the innocent victims, ignoring facts, history and evidence about the lawyers obstruction of justice!

I can not live without the truth, therefore, the unscrupulous lawyers will now have me charged with contempt to try and stop me from telling truth about all them!

So of course, I documented who told this to me, and raised it during my emails: Why didn't I receive this notice?

My email to my account manager went unreplied after a few weeks, and phone calls (off business hours) to the branch that handled the account actually disconnected when transferring to a mailbox. )Which site did you here about us..................... ([email protected]) HOW MUCH LOAN DO YOU NEED?

They are unprofessional and they don't know what they are doing.