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Take a look at this interactive page if you are struggling with the syntax here.When searching with a string with the 's' flag the position placeholders do not need to be placed in quotes.This is often used on a login script as in the above simplified version.

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There is also an easy method to put CAPTCHA on a webpage.

But now in this article we will just learn how to design a Sign-In webpage. Listing 1: Figure 1: Output of the Sign-in Webpage In Figure 1 you can see the output of the Listing 1.

Once the parameters are bound to the query we can execute the SQL with the execute() method.

The results from the query are bound to variables using the bind_result() method with sensible names.

The following is a good starting example: method will pick up any error and print it back for us.

(The include also does some tidying up of the superglobals by stripping backslashes that might have been applied by magic quotes.) Tip: Your may consider removing the error handling once the connection is made Save the above with a .

The variables declared in the bind_result() can now be used.

Finally to tidy things up we close the prepare statement with This also allows you to create and execute an another query.

Wildcard searches in SQL using LIKE take a little bit more preparation.

Concatenate a variable with the % wildcards prior to binding the parameter ie: as we just wanted to know how many results there were.

If you are not familiar with arrays and in particular associate arrays take a look back to the arrays section.