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This little gadget is inexpensive yet solves a common problem--lost keys. Many elderly take multiple pills throughout the day.

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Even the most active senior has so-called senior moments.

Reminder Rosie is a voice-controlled reminder system created to help seniors remember appointments, medication times, and everyday activities. It displays the time, but also allows anyone to record up to 25 daily or weekly reminders or a reminder for any date.

It helps connect and cement the bond between generations.

It also helps seniors recall memories they may not have thought about for decades. This kit from Outskirts Press contains everything a senior needs to record their legacy.

It may be hard for some seniors to keep track of multiple pills throughout the day.

This pill organizer allows them to prepare up to 31 days of medications ahead of time.It walks them step-by-step through the process and offers 140 life questions laid out in chronological chapters.The entire process is done on the computer, so this gift is appropriate for people with a good computer and word processing skills. According to the American Heart Association, stress may lead to unhealthy behaviors that increase heart attack and stroke risk.The device works in power outages and can be programmed in any language. TV Ears is wireless headset device that helps clarify television voices and dialogue.It offers individual control so hearing-challenged people can have the volume up while others listen at a level comfortable for them.Finding the perfect gift for an elderly family member or friend can be challenging.