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And I thought it was the best thing I’ve heard in comedy. There are times when I am in the groove and I cannot do anything wrong. From some comics you get material and from other comics you get somebody trying to shine the light on the spiderwebs–I just saw Stanhope the other night, it was an amazing ride through that guys brain. She said it was brilliant, and disgustingly brilliant, out of control but always insightful. I have to work really hard to be that smart, write it down and make it work as a joke. I said, “Look here’s what happened to me this afternoon.” And I told them about my life. That’s why I wrote this new show because I had to face the fact I was happy.

I just saw Brian Posehn and fart jokes are his signature. If we all got a note tomorrow that Stanhope died, we would all go, “Ah, well, we knew that was coming.” My girl used to book comedy clubs too and she used to book Stanhope several times. Is it a balance for you between material and crowd work? You have to learn to take a bad crowd into a good crowd. When I’m out in the country I say, “You guys have a problem, let’s talk about it.” And then I become this weird therapist talking about their problems. I used to be so afraid to be free onstage and make stuff up as I went. It was the only time onstage where I felt like I was offstage watching myself. I thought that is a great way to be remembered, kill yourself in the green room of a comedy club. I heard my dads voice inside my head saying, “Get off your ass and get on that stage do your fucking job.” I went up on that second show and during the first 8 minutes I riffed and told the audience what was happening.

So you’re getting to the point where you really know what you’re doing.

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Think you’re life is so out of control you don’t know how you will possibly continue on? Thirty years, although Jon Fox booked another place before that, The Albatross. She just happened to be dating the opener that night. Here’s a tip, never go out with a woman who would dump the headliner for the opener. Yeah, that’s when you’re like, “I gotta quit this business.” Hey man, my home is up in the hills, I’m losing you on the cell can I call you back on the landline? (New phone call) Hey man, it’s weird, I sit in the exact same spot every time with my cell phone and you would think that reception from the cell phone tower would be locked down and it wouldn’t change but every five minutes it starts to fade on me—so, landline now. I was wondering when you first performed at The Punchline, was it the same deal now where you had to wait in the audience for 6-12 months before you got onstage? I remember watching and thinking, “I’m already funnier than half these comedians.” That’s the arrogance and delusion of a comic. He could tell if you were just some dude who hated his teaching job and wanted to try new dick jokes. People that know they got their life rocking and they got a full glass of juice, usually the nicest people in the world. That’s why I’ve never been a stand-at-the-mic comic.

Unless you’re from Darfur, comedian Christopher Titus probably has you beat in the boo-hoo department. Santa Cruz is one of the first places I worked when I first started doing one-nighters at this crappy bar that was just great. Yeah man, it was at the Crows Nest and the headliner was a guy named Frank Lunney who was headlining, I was the opener, it was that long ago. Santa Cruz was also one of the first times I ran into my horrible ex-wife, so I kinda have a love/hate thing for it. So I went and wrote a bunch of material and worked for four weeks and got my name on the list at the club. And, I think it depends on who is running the front door. It’s the half a glass of juice comics that ruin it.

Hot on the heels of his latest tour , Titus is fired-up, fed-up and finally, happy? I’m on the East Coast, in North Carolina and I jumped in the ocean, I had never done that before. They’re a couple of hundred feet wide and you need a badge to be on the beach. But I remember working with Geof Wills who now runs Live Nation, at that time he was Fox’s assistant. Doug Kehoe and these guys used to hang out at The Holy City Zoo and stuff. He ran the comedy competitions when they were in the 2500 seat theatres.

DNA: Hello Titus: Hey Christopher Titus calling Hey Chris, this is DNA in Santa Cruz, how are you? I live in Santa Cruz, what am I going to complain about? If the West Coast had a warm ocean it would be amazing. Besides being totally and horribly insecure at being a comic and not fitting in, I would go home and write.

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