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This topic isn’t covered in most books about moving to Hawaii.

I believe it is one of the crucial factors in whether you will stay long-term or leave sooner than you intend.

I have had so many people write me at Aim for Awesome to relay their stories about how bad the dating scene was for them in the Hawaiian Islands. One thing you’ll notice when you first go out to some of the clubs is that, unless you’re in a tourist bar or club, everyone knows each other. You can’t help but notice that everybody in the club appears to know each other. You need to find a group of friends to introduce you to singles in your age bracket.

Let’s take a look at a couple reasons that might be. There aren’t groups of two people standing and talking much, it’s groups of six to twenty. There are plenty of single people in the 18 to 25 age range.

There are less people, so there are less people like you. Still, there are thousands of people on each island that need friends, like you do, so go find them. You’ll need to spend a few weeks, months in the islands to really get a feel for the dating scene.

The dating scene in Hawaii is either awesome or horrible. It depends on who you are, what you’re looking for, and who is looking for you! I’m talking about the social scene at the clubs for the most part here.In Hawaii within the first couple weeks I already had a few friends that I enjoyed immensely.In Hawaii it’s easier to make friends than in other places I believe. Moves to islands other than Oahu can be a little tougher. You’re not The Man or The Woman anymore, no matter who you are or where you came from.A big problem is when a couple moves to Hawaii and one has friends at their new job – and the other either doesn’t work, or doesn’t like the people at work, and doesn’t make new friends. Many people will say, after a year or two, they “don’t like Hawaii.” When in fact it has nothing to do with Hawaii. Having some friends in Hawaii can be the difference between enjoying your stay, and not. There are many sports and outdoor related activities in Hawaii, of course, and you’re probably interested in some of them because you are moving to an island that seemingly revolves around outdoor activity.You should take some time to make new friends even if you think – ‘ahhh, they’ll come later.’ Better now than later when you’re unmotivated and would rather just hate Hawaii for it instead. There are Theravadan and Mahayana Buddhists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Christians, and the whole lot, in Hawaii. There are running, fishing, rugby, Frisbee, running, hashing (hash house harriers have three groups on Oahu alone), drinking, social, boating, writing, computer, authors, and dozens of other groups and clubs that you can join which will help you make friends.The best is when you befriend some locals and they ask you to picnic with them somewhere on the weekend.