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The findings raise the possibility that Chinese traders settled in the area, and may have even set up their own trading communities.

; literally: "Not Sincere, Don't Disturb", known in English as If You Are the One) is a Chinese dating game show hosted by Meng Fei.

In addition, concerns were raised that some of the contestants on the show were not who they said they were, and that the TV station was 'planting' contestants to make controversial remarks to increase ratings.

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Dr Rebecca Redfern, curator of human osteology at the Museum of London, revealed two of the skeletons found at the site in Lant Street, Southwark, had been identified as possibly being of Chinese origin., The find challenges the dominance of the traditional view that Roman Britain, and specifically “Londinium” as it was then known, was a relatively homogenous society.Loosely based on the Taken Out format, the show is produced by JSBC: Jiangsu Television and taped in Nanjing.It was first broadcast on January 15, 2010, and originally aired twice a week on Saturday and Sundays until December 2014.It also suggests the Roman and Chinese empires may have had more interaction than many historians had previously thought.

Crucially though, it raises the possibility that trade took place between Rome and China outside of the famous Silk Road.

Female contestant Ma Nuo became a media interest after her controversial remarks to a male contestant that she would "prefer to cry in a BMW" than laugh riding on the back of a bicycle.

One male contestant, a son of a businessman, was rejected by all 24 women on one episode for egregiously showing off his sports cars and bank statements instead of his life and interests.

There have been three different male contestants who have lost the show in the beginning when the female contestants first study the male.

Both controversial contestants were some of the most-talked-about people in Chinese entertainment.

Also omitted is the 'final opinions' on a departing male contestant from the women; previously this part of the show was especially prone to pointed insults and ridicule.