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It might take a few tries, it might take weeks, but I promise it will be the most fun kind of practice you've ever done.And once you perfect your technique, you can take it right to your partner.

Now, the two of you can work together to ensure you never have to fake or otherwise miss out on another orgasm, ever again.

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The nub sticking out at the top of your vulva is the head of your clit; while the G-spot (about an inch and a half inside your vagina, toward your belly button) is the back. But someone who is this turned on and easily orgasmic may well be more vaginally orgasmic than the average gal.

So there's that." With that in mind, focus on G-spot stimulation while rubbing the clit.

Use the toys at different times of day, during different moods, and even in rapid succession to see if you can produce multiple orgasms.

Once you've determined what goes where, for how long, and with how much pressure (and have figured out how to go from zero to 100 in 60 seconds flat), it's time to do it manually. But you knowing how to make this happen with your (or a partner's) hands?Carol Queen, Good Vibrations' staff sexologist, says orgasming in under a minute is contingent on three key factors: how easily orgasmic you are to begin with, how turned on you are when stimulation starts, and whether the stimulation is optimized to provoke orgasm in the first place."Orgasm is a reflex," she says, "but it's the culmination of a physical process that includes gradually building arousal.It can probably get me to orgasm in about two minutes or so. If I'm needing to bang one out fast and I've got five minutes max?I think if I was seriously turned on, I could maybe swing a minute. I definitely reach for the Womanizer." And then there's the hiĀ® massage technology, a massager that hit the market a hot second ago.The Blackhawks are one of the "Original Six" NHL teams along with the Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins and New York Rangers.