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Cheryl Tweedy showed her support for boyfriend Liam Payne's solo music on Twitter yesterday with a post promoting his new song ' Bedroom Floor', which led to a jokey but intimate insight into what the celebrity couple get up to.Cheryl then went on a spree of replying to tweets from fans about One Direction member, turned solo singer Liam.7) The Renaissance Wearing a jumpsuit we couldn't forget if we tried, Cheryl (complete with new French husband and surname) is back where she belongs: beside Simon, on our screens, for the new series of X Factor.

User Wiki expressed her excitement at seeing Liam perform live, to which Cheryl replied ' So exciting !!!!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ' However it wasn't long until fans queried when Cheryl would be releasing her own music.User Ludovica wrote ' What about YOUR songs instead😏😏', prompting Cheryl to reply with ' I'm never using the word soon again...'.However the singer, who in 2014 became the first British female solo artist to claim five number one singles, has yet to release any new music.5) That outfit We have obscured the trousers in this photograph for your own benefit.

6) Flying solo Proving she was by far the most energetic of the Girls Aloud dancers, Cheryl set out for solo fame - seen here performing at the Brits in 2010.She commented on how she has experienced 'the good, the bad and the ugly' but 'wouldn't change a bit of it'.Cheryl also supported the Game for Grenfell in August.She has however been helping out on The X Factor as a guest at Simon Cowell's house at the judges' house stage.Cheryl also recently tweeted her thanks to fans for their support for the last 15 years she's spent working in the music industry.Both have told the Radio Times about the failings in their friendship: "My falling-out with Cheryl came soon after her divorce and was a nightmare," said Cowell. There was so much expectation on the show in America and I definitely wasn't myself. 4) Her X Factor debut Cheryl becomes an X Factor judge before moving to America and being unceremoniously fired by Simon Cowell.