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As I to you have told my name Ilya, to me of 27 years I was born 1977 November, 26, I live in the city of Cheboksary. I live in an apartment which belonged to my father.You likely asked a question why I live without the father.When I was small in the summer I leaved for a summer because my grandmother lives one and it should be helped on a facilities, therefore we for a summer constantly go in village to the grandmother.

My father lived together with me and mine mum, I very strongly loved it, it was very good person, it when would not throw my mum, but about mine the father has taken place misfortune, it worked as the taxi driver.And on a vein, what person, it has got in a road accident.I write that I think also I not when I do not bear lie. At me all is fine, I very much was pleasant to me, as we with my girlfriends descended at cinema, this film has very much liked me, it was comedy film, it refers to do not think at all . I hope, that you understand me, that I write and I try to answer all your questions I think that you understand that the overall objective in my life it to find that only thing, that the man with which I I can go through all difficulties of life, together meet pleasure, surround with care each other. There it is silent and convenient, and I simply from time to time like to sit on a bench to relax and about what - be to not think. But certainly that - be to not think in me suffered failure because you now always in my ideas and me very much frequently think of you.Write to me soon, it would be very pleasant for me, if you have written to me a lot of interesting about yourselves. I think that you will understand me and your vital purposes are similar to mine and I in soul hope, that when that our hearts will meet. Now I completely trust you, and you began for me to relatives and the native person to whom I can open the heart. I think, that you, it is probable, that the person from whom I could live all other life, probably. You want, what I to you would tell a little about myself?

Thank you for your answer on my modest, and the short letter. When I have seen, your letter I very strongly was delighted.

Actually it scoffed at my feelings it lived in Amerike in city los angeles it called Terry and called me to arrive to itself I certainly was delighted that it will be good. You know, any time up to our meeting, I have asked the God, that it has helped me to become loving.

It spoke me about that that it would want that we paid the ticket together, but I was not agree with it. It can - silly, but I never felt this, which I now I check to you earlier. After our correspondence I for a long time cannot fall asleep every night. I never met the person, more sincere and sensual than you.

At present I work as the teacher at school, I teach a subject of ecology, and it is very interesting to me to communicate with schoolboys they should understand, that our life depends only on people which try to stop environmental contamination.

To me very much to like to have a rest on the nature, I go to campaigns much and I travel, but I not to time was not in other countries at me there are two my very good close friends of girls with them I share all secrets and I trust as mum.

Now I constantly think as my life has changed, she became not such as earlier, earlier I constantly thought as me to make so I would look is more adult, but this age in due course has come to me.