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In fact, we have taken over 9 million calls since we started.

We encourage people to contact us by phone if they are in any danger, or if it’s a really serious issue.

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Our video chat site is as easy as they get, so if you’re looking for a quick way to talk to strangers, you’re in the right place.All you need to do in order to get started is press on the large “start” button.When you e-mail a question we will send a response back to you within 48 hours. Please contact us if you're depressed, contemplating suicide, being physically or sexually abused, on the run, addicted, threatened by gang violence, fighting with a friend or parent, or if you are faced with an overwhelming challenge.We post selected questions and responses on our bulletin board board a few days later. The Boys Town National Hotline has been taking calls from kids and families since 1989.What makes us different is our simple design and video streaming quality and speed.

We use the latest technology in streaming webcams which makes the chatting experience even more enjoyable and fun.You can even pretend to be someone else, none will find out. With our 100% girl chat section, Chat with girls all over the world and don’t ever meet a guy on cam.Our girls section shagle girls is an adult webcam section with thousands of girls who like to talk, chat and show off on cam.These are ​serious issues that are best handled in one-on-one conversations with counselors. (standard message & data rates may apply for other carriers)Every day, 2PM to 1AM CST.Please know that this texting service is intended for pre-teens, teens, and young adults. Your Life Your is part of The Boys Town National Hotline.It's an easy and fun way to meet new people and make new friends.