who is marlo thomas dating Chat sex no censured

That means if you wish it to remain natural it would mean no gay sex, no oral sex, no anal sex, no toys, no outfits, no roleplaying. And that intimacy is not only a consideration for those partaking in the action, but those observing.

One thing that is censored that majorly pisses me off is when they blur out the middle finger, that is the only hand gesture that gets blurred out.

so in closing either sensor movie scenes like that in most horror movies and action movies that show people dying or uncensor the sex. The fact that people might want to keep it private might be one.

I do agree that people should get a room sometimes though.

:) The bottom line is, just because some people find sex disgusting doesn't mean that we should have to give up our rights to broadcast on stations we own.

I'm talking about government censorship, not the right thing to do. Civil rights override the possibility of offending people.

I would be pissed at NBC if they suddenly started randomly putting up the goatse image. Free speech is a right, deciding what is right for other people to broadcast is not.

and another thing do u want to see 2 people just break out in doing it in front of your eyes? I jus' don't f***in' understand why tha f*** is this s*** considered so damn bad when clearly my family, my music, my shool, and nearly everybody says it's normal while congress says drugs, violence and profanity are A-OK for veiwing if you're 17 but sex is seperated for 18 .

youll have to be perverted to think sex shouldnt be censored I must tell ya man DAT IS THA NUMBA ONE QUESTION I HAVE TRIED TO ANSWERE THIS AND LAST MONTH!!! Violence is typicaly considered by all of America to be distgusting and well there are four stages of obsanity: 12.drugs 3. And frankly why the hell duz my family let me watch late-night Cinamax?

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Anyways, for all the people saying "WEL KILLING AND DEFECATING AR NATRAL TOO LOL", these things are yucky.