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I was never willing to forgo a trip just because friends didn’t want to come along, and the experiences I gained from travelling solo have done wonders for my confidence and really shaped who I am today.

Not only does travelling alone completely push you out of your comfort zone, it forces you to interact with those who you wouldn’t normally interact with.

You’re free to wander at your own will, and don’t have to compromise your bucket list or itinerary to suit the needs of others!While travelling alone as a single woman may have been a strange concept in the past, today it is very normal and quite common – everybody’s doing it!Singlet tops, spaghetti string shirts or dresses, shorts or short skirts should be left at home.Not only will clothing like this offend the locals, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb, and you’re asking for sexual harassment.The biggest challenge I faced was respecting Islamic traditions while trying to dress for the desert heat! Revealing, tight or short clothing is not appropriate by any means, and you will genuinely offend residents by not adhering to a modest dress code.

I was asked to put clothing on by a hotel security guard at one point while making my way from the hotel pool back to my room.

As innovations appear and new smartphones and tablets come out in the market, consumers show a clear preference for enjoying their devices and engaging with content via apps rather than the mobile web, with text messaging coming clearly as the foremost activity with 90.5 per cent of people engaged in it.

This is followed by photo-taking, e-mailing and access to weather forecasts.

The top 5 activity ranking is completed by access to social networks, with over 65 per cent of users interested in getting in touch with others through this type of apps and sites.

The UAE ICT sector is one of the advanced markets in the Arab World.

The mobile world is here and in order to make the most of it, the new, revolutionary way to connect has already arrived.