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Every time I wore it, it simply filled my day with joy and happiness, it always brought a smile on my face. It's been such a wonderful experience with this perfume for me and I will always guard it as a special scent, even though I'm not going to repurchase it because I want to experience as many scents as I can.Fifth Avenue (1996) By Ann Gottlieb Elizabeth Arden joined the fruity-floral bandwagon of the 90's with this fragrance but my bottle in the tall skyscraper design in a pale gold color might be a reformulation that is selling today at Macy's.The top notes are lilac, linden blossom, dewy magnolia, mandarin and bergamot.

The base is composed of amber, Tibetan musk, sandalwood, iris and vanilla. The nose behind this fragrance is Ann Gottlieb.2nd review, I have been wearing this a few days and the notes I pick up the strongest is Lily and Lilly of the valley. Lily and lilac notes stand out very much in this scent which is very nice and sweet.

This is a mere dupe for Pleasures if someone could not afford Pleasures try this I looked up the batch code from my bottle and it’s a (2012) bottle this does last 12 plus hours with good sillage. This is a beautiful smell, 5th Avenue does smell very close too Pleasures but considering I hate Pleasures with a passion yet I love this I much prefer this beauty over Pleasures. Although i would consider it more of a day fragrance, it could be worn at night nicely too. I wonder about the rest if the flankers, there are so many. I detect a lot of lilac, which I love, plus other light sweet floral notes including lily-of-the-valley.

even though i do love sweet candy gourmands , some days i just want to smell flowery, fresh and aquatic like a flower garden and this is definitely something i would wear on my days when i want to smell like a garden. The one that the smell lingered in the bathroom many hours after spraying. Reminiscent also of a vintage fragrance one of my great-aunts wore. Brings to mind a cold, snobby, well-to-do woman (sorry but that is the image I get from this) who does not play games and is pretty self-reliant, and has her own money, and plenty of it, yet still finds the want/desire/need to have a man around. Elegant and feminine, 5th Avenue makes me feel completely dressed even if I'm only wearing jeans and a tee-shirt. Ironically this perfume reminds me of quite a difficult time in my life - being young, inexperienced, recently graduated and struggling and failing to find a good job, freshly having moved to an overwhelmingly huge city with no friends or relatives there, living in a really bad area just to afford rent, scared daily for my life, BUT nevertheless working on The 5th Ave, albeit as a very low-wage office help and not strolling confidently "between luxurious showcases".

So, a total opposite of what kind of images this scent is supposed to evoke: luxury, style, wealth and elegance. It reminds me of the smell of a new glossy magazine when you just open it.

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I bought the legendary 5th Avenue in late december and used it constantly almost every day ever since and it surely gave me some fantastic time.

It's also the biggest bottle of perfume ( the 125 ml or 3,4 oz one ) that I've managed to finish in such a brief time, in only 6 months and I loved every bit of it.

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