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I was a victim of this fraud myself and it happens often. Spent a fortune on the wedding and other things then "she" confessed to being a rl male. What are they going to do, take off their pants and send a picture to Linden Lab? Equating misrepresentation of gender in a video game to rape is an insult to anyone who has ever been a rape victim in real-life.3.

If you want to be sure that the person you're in love with is the right gender – date in real life.

There are many, many options for customizing your look, and there is a huge market for user-designed body shapes, clothing, makeup, hairstyles, accessories, and even complete avatars.

This article will help you take your first steps toward finding a style that you and your avatar can be proud of.

I wonder how something like this would affect transgendered people?

Should they have to verify twice – once for the gender they werelabeled with at birth, and another for their true gender?

As a testament to its grandeur, the Earth Kingdom's roadway network is centered on the city.

it is so named for its world-famous walls, the gates of which have no hinges or other hardware and are opened by the use of earthbending.

For detailed information on how to edit the many parts and features of a classic avatar, see the article Customizing a classic style avatar.

In addition to the "classic" avatars, you have the option of selecting one of the many newer rigged mesh-style avatars.

This type of avatar allows 3D content creators to design models in a third-party tool such as Maya or Blender, allowing them to take advantage of the latest graphics updates to Second Life and create highly detailed human and non-humanoid avatar forms.

However, due to their nature as an overlay on top of a hidden classic avatar, mesh avatars may not wear the texture-based clothing made for classic avatars.

It's not foolproof but it would allow female users in SL to feel safer.