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Cathy speaks on a broader scale about the potent impact of how we ingest history, not only on global political level, but right on down to the level of our own homes.

Cathy De Buono has been around, and we mean that as a compliment. Still, that doesn’t even begin to describe the many facets of De Buono.

At age 46, De Buono has been in sports, film, TV and, most recently, she’s a radio talk show host.

This wonderfully fun and sexy lesbian romp takes a tour through the streets of San Francisco as photographer Lola (the beautifully athletic Ashleigh Sumner) races to get to a crucial meeting on time. Her job and her girlfriend Casey (Jill Bennett, ) to make it right. Bursting with creativity and fresh cinematic style AND THEN CAME LOLA packs in everything we want in a lesbian movie: Beautiful women, a great script, high-quality production values, an exciting soundtrack of hot new music — plus fun animation, hilarious laugh-out-loud reflections on lesbian life (depicted in brilliant direct-to-camera “therapy” sequences) and one of the most charismatic new lesbian actresses we’ve seen in years: Lola herself, played by the irresistible Ashleigh Sumner.

As Lola races against the clock is Casey falling into the arms of her ex?! Brought to the screen by lesbian co-directors Ellen Seidler ().

Encore: Cathy invites Meredith Baxter, accomplished actress and star of "Family Ties," to her show to talk about her new book, Untied.

Cathy discusses Meredith's journey of growing up with a negligent mother, overcoming abusive relationships, raising children, and coming out.

In 1995, she took on a recurring role in Chicago Hope, one of the longest running series in CBS.

She became part of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in its last three season as M’Pella.

Though they split up in 2013, De Buono and Jill Bennett were quite a pair when they were together.

The two met on Out of the Wedding but only began dating during the filming of And Then Came Lola.

She was also part of the following series: Jenny, The Pretender, Pacific Blue, Martial Law, Becker, and Exes and Oh’s. In 2007, she was cast in the award-winning Out of the Wedding.