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The new young male lead Henry (played by Brenton Thwaites) has managed to locate his father, a returning Orlando Bloom as Will Turner, who is still trapped upon the Flying Dutchmen.

Henry has travelled far to explain that, by finding the Trident of Poseidon, Davy Jones’s curse can be broken.

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Thankfully, Sparrow’s pretty good at escaping the British, the trio eventually breaking out and embarking on their adventure to find the Trident. The titular Captain Salazar — played by a heavily CGI’d Javier Bardem — seeks revenge on Sparrow, the pair sharing a turbulent history explained through extensive flashbacks (featuring an awkward CGI young Johnny Depp).

Salazar’s scary but also rather awkward, as Bardem’s characters often are, the actor giving the villain some weight through a hefty performance.

The same can be said about the visuals, Norwegian duo Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg taking many cues from the previous films.

As you would expect from a movie with a 0 million budget, the CGI is wholly impressive (particularly Salazar’s ship that creeps along the ocean as a haunted carcass) but ends up dominating the final set-piece, taking away the threat as the screen becomes overwhelmed by effects.

The Philippines is also a Catholic country colonised by the Spanish who brought their religion with them. The next morning, we began the journey to the islands. One thing that blew me away when I first arrived was how normal the whole deal was.

You’d think that a Catholic country would be inhibited, repressed and boring. After 15 hours sitting in a plane, I walked into the humid city of Manila, capital city of the Philippines. The city roared around me like only Asian metropolises can. We zoomed past towering coconut trees, green rice fields and rickety motorcycles on the highway. For as little as 2000 pesos ( USD), you can take one of these gorgeous girls home for a whole night. You walk into the bar, you buy a drink and various girls approach. Some of them are bar-girls, but most of them are normal girls.However, due to the growing number of story threads, the added inclusion of Geoffrey Rush’s Barbossa, plus an empty love story, Salazar’s storyline is somewhat lost; a disappointment considering the franchise’s history of good villains.Without a good foil, Sparrow — once again a unwilling role modal with a big heart — breezes through this adventure, cracking jokes that feel very familiar.(CC: Image Shack) (Reply) This article is disgusting.I’m all for openness about sex, but this article is not okay with me.When you find a girl you like, you give half the arranged amount (1000 pesos) to the mamasan. You’ll give the other half to the girl in the morning. You can go straight back to your hotel and get it on. I think that to some extent, we have forgotten who we are as sexual beings.