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They embarked on a passionate relationship which lasted less than a year – until she found out that he was not who he said he was.He was a married man with a wife and children to whom he went home at weekends.She signed up to various dating websites, including Tinder, which operates via a mobile phone application.It wasn’t long before she was matched with a man called Antony Ray.He told me his head had been a mess over his mum, who by then he had also told me had had a series of mini strokes, some with lasting speech conditions.

"He wasn’t looking for a relationship until things were settled at home, maybe then we could start again.” Then she found out who Antony really was, a top legal executive who spent his working week in the capital and his weekends at home with his family in the north of England. Everything that hadn’t added up over the months, all the red flags and bad gut feelings over things that I had felt and pushed aside because I trusted him more than I did myself, or he had given me a reasonable answer to a question or I’d told myself I was being paranoid.” Anna has been left devastated – and even after finding out the truth is struggling to come to terms with it.He explained his periodic absences by saying that as a director his work often took him abroad, to places like Germany and Ireland.As 2015 turned to 2016, Anna says Antony’s passion appeared to be cooling and that he explained this because his mother had become ill, showing signs of ovarian cancer.Anna Rowe, a teaching assistant from Rough Common, fell in love with the man after connecting through the popular dating app and believed she would marry him – only to learn almost a year later that he had a wife and children.The hoaxer even used a picture of a famous Bollywood actor to draw Anna in, continuing to use a fake name before casting her aside after a passionate relationship in which he asked her to marry him.“He constantly told me he loved me and sent me voice messages saying we would get through any obstacle that came our way,” she said.