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This piece can be seen with any copy of Quill, make sure you have the “show high quality content” feature active in the settings.

It’s particularly useful when you are away from home.The Dinki Cape is very popular for babies in SCBU / NICU it’s perfect to wrap around your baby when they are out of the incubator / cot for feeding or cuddles. My husband & I didn’t feel comfortable pulling a hat onto our sons head mainly because he was so tiny and he looked so delicate, also the hat would never stay on for longer than a minute!It’s part of a painting series I have been working on, portraying people in their working environment and showing what happens behind the counter.It is based on the chinatown neighborhood in Oakland, where I enjoy going for a walk every now and then.For ten days we spent all our time either at the Special Baby Unit or at home asleep.

There was certainly no time to scour the internet for tiny baby clothes to fit our new son.After the initial shock of such a tiny baby, and once he was settled into the special care baby unit, we were thrown into a routine we hadn’t foreseen and in truth had never thought of.There is nothing more upsetting than leaving your new bundle in a hospital and returning home without them.For the past year I have been working in VR projects, and it has opened a wide range of new possibilities for artistic expression.Aside for some projects which I unfortunately can’t share yet, here are some VR paintings that I have made using “Quill”, a wonderful painting tool created at Oculus story studio.The difference in culture and language turn the whole environment into an abstract space where there is little I understand.