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Bush, Bill Records told a Capital City Village crowd that his “best gig ever” was at The Armadillo World Headquarters when Austin’s music reputation was nascent.

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“In essence, RRPLS allows companies to monitor your daily life, your habits and your preferences.Alone, in the hands of your local Edison Company this information may seem somewhat innocuous.Upon receipt of such notification, use of the domain name and graphic banner(s) must cease and the link between the web sites must terminate.Use of any other trademarks, trade names, graphic banners, copyrighted material or any other intellectual property of LSS for any purpose is expressly forbidden.An Evening with Photographer Bill Records at Precision Camera (5/20/14) by Tom Knutsen, CCV Member [photo: Bill Records, left, telling CCV members that one reason Former Governor George W.

Bush succeeded was his ability to work with Texas late Comptroller Bob Bullock, shown above at right talking with the governor.] Though noted for being the official photographer for former Texas Governor George W.

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