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Typically, they are installed in strategic locations throughout the home to get a clear view of your nanny and child and, in many cases, the camera is hidden in an object or out of sight. You can also use them to monitor pet sitters and housekeepers who visit your home while you're not around.

Many day cares have similar surveillance systems in place.

Nanny cameras, commonly referred to as nanny cams, have gained significant recognition and caused more than a few eyebrow raises in the last few years.

“But he really liked this, so he’s playing and playing, and he was talking about how like every take he was getting closer.

I thought that was the coolest thing.”Bukovac also recommended a drummer, Ian Fitchuk, who plays keyboards, writes and produces.

It’s not the only dichotomy at work in “Mayday.” The song’s plot is one that requires immediate action — “This is an emergency,” she sings in the chorus — but its creation happened slowly and methodically.

It has been at least five years since Cam started working on it, and its seed was planted even before that.“Burning House” co-writer Tyler Johnson — who co-produced Cam’s album with the Grammys’ producer of the year, Jeff Bhasker (Bruno Mars, fun) — started “Mayday” before he ever met Cam, at a time when he was drowning in a relationship that didn’t seem to be working.

The single peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot Country chart, and #29 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The Earthcam webcams below are sponsored by the National Park Service. Some of these webcams are interactive and allow you to pan and zoom. The traffic webcams below are provided by the District Department of Transportation (DDOT).

Make a change.”When Johnson met Cam and started writing with her, around 2010, she was in her own dead-end relationship, so the idea of “Mayday” was “super-easy to connect with,” she says.“Maybe you’re saying you’re the victim, but really it takes two to be in it,” Cam continues.

“You want more, and you know you want better, but a part of you might be like, ‘No, this is all I can get.’ You hear this internal monologue back and forth, just trying to decide with yourself, ‘How bad is this really? Oh, it’s their fault that I’m here.’ You’re putting all the power and the blame on the other party.”As dark as the concept was, Cam added some positivity as she found the lines to finish each of the verses Johnson had started and helped bring the chorus to a conclusion.

“We knew it was great, people liked it, but we couldn’t get it to flow right. Thus, the label asked radio to commit to her water-drenched song the same day that her fire-sparked “Burning House” was up for its Grammy.

It always bugged us, but the pedal steel part, we put it in the top, put those harmonies in, never touched it again. Touring had made Cam’s voice stronger, and she insisted on going back into the studio and punching in on “Mayday” to toughen up one vocal segment. We’re bitching back and forth, and in the end, he was right.”As Cam hit the road for her album , “Mayday” seemed to generate the biggest response from fans, and Arista released it to radio via Play MPE on Jan.

Eventually, they decided against any lyrics in that spot at all.“At one point we wanted to find words for it,” she recalls.