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I don't get any of it, and maybe this is just me being weird, but no physical contact with someone does not turn me on at all.

I remember one time being over at my friend's house in the late 90s and my friend's dad, and my friend's mom were arguing because he said he had to "Go out for a drive and 'make a long distance call.'" even though they had two land lines one for the house and one for a business and both had long distance.My friend found out about his dad being into phone sex and majorly secret fetishes since he'd snoop around on their computer and find sites about it, and I remember on weekends his dad would sit in the "Married but I love to flirt" yahoo chat room all day and call up women he met from there.Out of curiosity, was this something like a phone sex line or was he talking to the same girl or a girl he knows IRL? The former I see as something similar to catching him watching porn whereas the latter is more personal and intrusive on the relationship.Ya paid phone sex is like going to a strip club kinda...I would talk to him about it and have an honest discussion about how it makes you feel.

If he doesn't respect that, then I would question things more.So right then i put out the joint let her make one more attempt to call her family and then politely told her i needed to be going.I felt horrible for it and nothing really happend so i went home and told my old lady i told her nothing had happend but that i had offered to smoke with her, she started comin on to me and i put an end to it.But to the point of the whole story is something that was instiled into me (raised in a house of 7 people and me and my dad were the only men) anything u wouldnt do in front of your significant other is cheating end of story.Yes, if ya got to lie about it, there's probably something not right.In the case of my friend's dad who is old and does phone sex with college aged adult women he meets online and he wound up getting a cellphone just for phone sex.