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The Live Streaming If you don’t have a budget to pay for your own CDN, services like USTREAM and Livestream provide the full infrastructure to deliver video content to your viewers.And more importantly, if ads are acceptable, they offer the basic service for free.

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The Live team had to figure out how both people would appear onscreen.

Instead of using the Face Time model, which makes one caller appear much smaller, Instagram wanted to make the broadcast a split screen since they envision these streams to be an equal back and forth between two people.

You'll still be able to share the video to your Story afterwards if you want to extend its lifespan."Live brought on a new level of authenticity," Sarkar said.

When a loved one can't attend your wedding, consider live streaming any part of the ceremony or festivities so far-away guests can still celebrate practically in person.

The quality difference is literally night and day compared to the Mac Book Pro webcam.

One advice would be not to mimic my setup on the right though, it was experimental at best, and certainly adds a certain level of stress.

That's what Instagram is banking on with its latest update, which will give you the chance to go Live with a friend, family member, or, for influencers and celebrities, a fan, at the same time."After we launched the first version of Live [last November], we noticed that a lot of folks were using it with friends in person," Shilpa Sarkar, a product manager on the Live team, told Refinery29.

"We wanted to bring that offline behaviour online, so to speak, with a feature that allows you to be live with a friend even if you aren't in the exact same space."A two-person live stream proved to be both a product and technical challenge.

Sarkar says this is something influencers have been asking for, as a way to communicate more directly and openly with fans.

Then there's the issue of making sure the two-person livestream actually works.

"Usually when you watch a livestream it has a very smooth playback," Lu Chen, an engineering manager on the Live team told Refinery29, "[With] two people talking back and forth, we needed to make sure that's super realtime because no one no one wants to bring on a guest and wait 10 seconds to have a back and forth conversation."Over the past couple of months, the Live team has been fine-tuning the product, nicknamed project Tango (as in "it takes two to tango").