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The goal of “SCR” is to address injuries which have kept you from running and prevents you from achieving your fitness goals.We provide each athlete with a better understanding of their body mechanics and what factors can be contributing to the inability to heal.The truth is that dating doesn’t need to feel like a constant struggle.

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We are composed of professionals, clergy, educators, business and community leaders who wish to make Brea a better community to live in.We are involved in supporting youth leadership programs such as Key Clubs at Brea-Olinda High School; Boy and Girl Scout Troops.She has always been interested in the body’s function and functional movement and this has been a focus of her education.Her goal is to help and support new and returning A Snail’s Pacers build up their strength and accomplish their goals in a fun and safe way.You play a key role in maintaining focus around the achievement of sales budget, customer loyalty, as well as other Company goals.

Through collaboration with your General Manager/Assistant General Manager, and your store team, you will ensure operational processes are in place and analyze business results to determine actions necessary to deliver on objectives.

Along with addressing the injuries themselves, we instruct our athletes on how to achieve a higher level of fitness without adding extra stress to injured areas.

Each athlete receives an evaluation and workout plan from a sports medicine doctor.

Michelle has completed nine marathons, 40 half marathons and numerous 5 and 10k’s.

When asked why she runs, Michelle said, “describing the thrill of completing a race is like trying to describe a color to someone who was born without sight”. Gabriela enjoys outdoor activities with her family such as running, hiking, biking, etc. Running for Gabriela is not only fun, it is relaxing and gives her a great feeling of accomplishment every time a new goal is completed or when crossing the finish line.

We also have an association with the Circle K Club at Cal State Fullerton.