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Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina are European women who live in and are from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), women of Bosnia and Herzegovina have been affected by three types of transition after the Bosnian War (1992-1995), namely: the "transition from war to peace", economic transition, and political transition.

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The women of the Bosnians were deemed to be militaristic according to non-Ottoman records of the war between the Ottomans and Austrians and they played a role in the Bosnian success in battle against the Austrian attackers.

Yeni Pazar, Izvornik, Östroviç-i âtık, Çetin, Būzin, Gradişka, and Banaluka were struck by the Austrians. Fraser Polygamy, so peculiar to Mohammedan countries, does not prevail to any great extent in Bosnia, and both sexes enjoy the privilege of choosing their companions for life.An unmarried female appears in public without a veil, and respect is shown to the mother of a family.In all these respects they differ widely from the inhabitants of eastern countries According to A. Schem Polygamy has never gained prevalence among the begs.Women are expected to perform most housework, including cooking, cleaning, and child rearing.The economic devastation of the civil war has had a very negative effect on women's participation in the economy; although women are better integrated in agriculture work than in other fields.Guided by the constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the country's Gender Equality Law of 2003 was passed to promote and advance the equality between men and women.