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According to a Japanese periodical, it’s common for women to look for their potential mates on the basis of their blood type.So the next time you seek a potential date, it might just be sufficient to ask for his or her blood type.

For this reason, they are perfectionist by heart, so they put everything to what they do regardless if it’s a simple chore or an academic feat.In terms of relationships, these people are known for their patience and kindness.Alternatively, others seek relationship advice from the stars which they think should have a huge impact to their compatibility with other signs.While astrological signs are the main method used by most people, others say it’s just in your mention your problem in as much detail as possible. Hi, I am a 29 year old male with O-negative blood group. and to clear my fear about the problems that blood group mismatches could occur to the future babies. So, i need your advice on blood group compatbility before proceeding for marriage. Blood group of both of the partner may affect the health of the future baby.

Forexample if a blood group positive male marries a blood group negative female then if their baby has positive blood group then he may get erythroblastosis fetalis, a fatal disease. You can usually find her traveling, eating, and writing about both. Hi, I am a boy and my blood group is B while the girl whom i like has O blood group. Japan was the actually first country to characterize individual personalities through blood types.The revolutionary idea then quickly spread to Korea and China, where blood type became a popular tool used to judge how dateable a person is.There are many people who are sometimes too embarrassed to admit that they have actually peeked into the horoscope.