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*Cries* With Baxter teasing about Rachel appearing on a future episode of "GMW" (there's nothing on her IMDb page about it at the moment), we decided to compile a list of both recurring and iconic one-time characters from "BMW" who need to be on "GMW" stat.

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This is, after all, a band who have kept the origin of its name cloaked in mystery: the possibilities include a homage to the, possibly imaginary, gay gridiron players Ben Rilo and Stephen Kiley, who killed themselves in 1909, after making love for the last time; and the certainly imaginary childhood pet of Sennett - a dragon. Maybe we were trying to make something a little bit more classic and sophisticated.

"I see it as very much an indie record," he protests. Sure, our first two records were more home-made-sounding.

However, when you pay attention to the lyrics, shit starts to get interesting.

I'm 99 percent convinced that the song is about Rilo Kiley member – and Jenny's ex – Blake Sennett. We walked in on you while you were polishing your knives (While your eyes were turning green) Sleeping in a twin bed with a serpent by your side (Are you trying to compete with me?

"Girl Meets World" is slowly but surely bringing back characters from "Boy Meets World," and it's super fun (and nostalgic) to see what they've been up to since "BMW" ended in 2000.

Eric Matthews' (Will Friedle) BFF Jack Hunter (Matthew Lawrence) returned on an August 14 episode, and we learned he hasn't spoken with Rachel (Maitland Ward Baxter) in a long, long time.

Ostensibly for us, the end of the world may be in sight.

Jenny Lewis got her start acting in the early 80's in a Kellogg's Corn Pops commercial and a Toys "R" Us spot that aired nationally.

Former Rilo Kiley lead singer (well, she might be the current singer, since the band hasn't broken up officially) Jenny Lewis‘ side project is a collaboration with her boyfriend, singer/songwriter Johnathan Rice.

My favorite track on the album, , is “My Pet Snakes,” because it is a) catchy, and b) probably the only pop song ever that has used the word “ourobouros” in it.

You might say that this one is, well, more grown-up." Lewis adds that More Adventurous is a more "focused" album than its predecessors.