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While it would not make the virus go away, it would significantly lower the amount of HIV to hardly make a dent on the infected person.Another approach being considered is through sterilization where all HIV virus is eradicated from the body.The prosecutions are being conducted in a world in which disclosing your status – admitting you are “not clean” – has become increasingly difficult to do because of the very stigma generated by things like The Stupid Question.

If you really want to be heard and make a contribution to this dialogue, I strongly urge you to take a few minutes and answer The SERO Project’s new survey that gauges your attitudes about when and whether people should disclose their HIV status.Even (and perhaps especially) if your views run counter to mine, your input is most welcome and extremely valuable.And that is the alternative to The Stupid Question.An interesting social marketing campaign has been created by a new organization known as The Stigma Project, which aims to reduce stigma by calling out questions like “Are You Clean?The importance of having a collaborated effort between the Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV-AIDS) and cancer cure studies was discussed at the latest conference about HIV Science.

According to a report, Nobel Laureate Professor Françoise Barré-Sinoussi mentioned during the 9 International Aids Society (IAS) Conference on HIV Science that was held in Paris, France in late July that the joint efforts from both the HIV-AIDS and Cancer research fields could result to a discovery of more sustainable treatments for people who are currently diagnosed with the dreaded HIV disease."Well we know, first of all, some people on long-term treatment develop cancer," Barré-Sinoussi stated during the conference at IAS.

The ignorance evident in The Stupid Question makes it no less offensive.

If the relationship progresses, you can offer to get tested together and be present for the test results of one another.

These promising pieces of scientific research and data may one day lead to a cure, but the one point that should not be missed is to know one's HIV status through early detection.

If the result of HIV test is positive, treatment should be started right away to prevent the damage to the immune system.

The person being asked may not have tested recently. Or is lying because they’re afraid, or ashamed, or nervous, or don’t feel safe being honest because of ramifications about which you have no idea. Thus, the ignorance and danger of The Stupid Question. It is not your right to berate them for their response.