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So if you have an FTM partner, you could definitely identify as straight, even if he has biologically female anatomy, since his gender identity is male. Don't hold back because of the way he was born.

That being said, some people with transgender partners identify as queer, or pansexual, since they don’t feel bound by the sex or gender of a partner. You are a straight woman attracted to a masculine man. Love him for the man he is."It can be hard to label your sexual orientation when you have a transgender partner, so if you don't feel like doing so right now, that's okay.

Search profiles, and enjoy photos, chat, latest matches and more. Check out Gay Iowa Singles and meet up with other gay singles in your local area. Interactive Male Your Local Iowa Gay Phone Chat, Dating & Hookup Site Interactive Male is a fun and funky place for guys to get together. Check out one of the largest gay communities online. I'll go to bed tonight and wake up queer tomorrow, just like I'll go to bed tonight and wake up still married and still in love with a man who loves me for me, queer and all. I woke up queer the day we got married and every day after that.Gender identity is how someone feels about their gender assignment.

Sexual orientation, being lesbian, gay, bisexual or straight refers to who you are attracted to.#27Bi Stories features people in all types of relationships: polyamorous, monogamous, married, and coupled up but without a label, yet one thing is the same — their bisexuality. Is your sexual identity still important even though you’re in a same- or different-gender relationship? Sometimes I worry about what people will think about my husband for marrying a girl who used to date girls.So when a person is in a relationship of any kind, does their sexual orientation still matter? But that's why it's important to me that I identify as bisexual, because I know there are countless others out there dealing with the same thing and visibility is key.Ted, 45, Colorado: My sexual identity is still extremely important to me.I have two primary partners who are female and I would very much like to have a boyfriend again.Those terms are a little different that bisexual, which refers to people who are attracted to both men and women. Just because he was born with the wrong parts doesn't mean that he is less a man than a man born with all the male parts. But you might also want to think about why having a lesbian identity seems so uncomfortable you.