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The demographic realities of society, linguistic diversity, emotional/behavioral disorders, mild mental retardation, specific learning disabilities, result-based education, school consultation and collaboration are examined.

Also discussed are current issues affecting the education of multicultural students with mild disabilities, the selection of appropriate service delivery options in inclusion settings, the implementation of effective instructional programs, and the utilization of services by families.

Assessment measures, therefore, need to be designed for use as an integral part of instruction – not as a separate, add-on procedure – so that assessment does not take away from instructional time.

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In short, the focus of this book is on teachers primarily and students secondarily. This book presents a systematic discussion of the use of assessment accommodations with two types of learners who have many assessment issues in common – students with disabilities and students from linguistically diverse backgrounds (ELLs).It aims to facilitate critical questioning among teachers of all experiential levels and cultural backgrounds by examining the complexity of some of the more salient issues of the teaching-learning process in U. Recent years have witnessed an increasing use of accommodations in school assessment, especially in large-scale achievement testing.Of particular interest to early childhood and special education teachers and teacher educators, school and day care administrators, and policy makers, this book serves as an excellent supplemental text to graduate and undergraduate courses.This paper focuses on identifying some of the underlying issues associated with the supply and demand of culturally and linguistically diverse teaching professionals – particularly special educators representing diverse populations.This concise and practical text provides a balanced discussion on professional use of assessment accommodations and empirical research on the effects of various accommodations.

This book describes the challenges involved in identifying placing, teaching, and assessing English language learners with special education needs.

The child with Asperger’s syndrome requires modifications in the classroom environment, instructional process, and teacher’s expectations if he or she is going to succeed in school.

This booklet gives guidance for teachers and school administrators to do this successfully. This fastback explains school and parent procedures, the roles and responsibilities of school personnel, family representatives, the hearing officer, and witness preparation of the Process Hearings.

Off Track describes what the authors feel is wrong with the field of learning disabilities, reviews research, examines historical context, and focuses on how children with reading disabilities are defined and identified in schools.

The authors masterfully demonstrate the disconnects between scientific evidence about poor reading and the views pushed by large parts of the learning disability industries.

It describes model programs and approaches, including early intervention programs, assessment methods, parent/school collaboration, and native and dual language instruction.