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Every little girl with a dream becomes a woman with a vision.We have finally broken the so-called female boundary.11) Arachni Scanner Arachni is an Open Source, feature-full, modular, high-performance Ruby framework aimed towards helping penetration testers and administrators evaluate the security of web applications.

9) Nikto Nikto is a free opensource http/s vulnerability scanner, which is extremely fast, light and capable of identifying over 6400 web flaws on common web servers like Apache.We have now implemented the Nikto Scanner Online in our penetration testing tools 10) W3af W3af is growing in popularity as it’s another extremely fast web vulnerability framework to help you exploit web applications, be sure to check it out.If we look in to 1950s, females had only a few roles; teacher, nurse, cook and seamstress are the most common among them. Be it Suchi Mukherjee, Vandana Luthra or Ekta Kapoor, women are creating a trend to protect themselves with their own money. In rare occasions, there may be some other occupations which were out of the boundary put down for females, like doctors and scientist. Women are breaking through the chains and aim to build their own identity. We have also included download links where possible.

1) Metaspoit Framework This is the free version of the metasploit package, one of the best pieces of software around for Windows, Linux and Mac systems.

4) Snort Snort is one of the original defsec Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), going way back to the early security scene on the internet.

It’s incredibly effective, be sure to check it out, one of the best HIPS on the market!

We have now integrated the Nmap Online Scanner into our set of free penetration testing tools 8) Burp Suite Burp Suite is a collection of Burp tools developed by portswigger.

A fast a powerful vulnerability scanner with scripting support and debuging engines, this is a great security audit tool.

Nowadays from small girl to youth, females have ambitions and small dreams are the foundation for great success.