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I have a few buddies on Match (ranging from lawyer and doctor to valet at a 3 star hotel) and none of them know how to properly target and email. Yes, it takes some time to fire off a custom email, but there is a pattern than you can draw from and once you get the hang of it you can crank out a funny and effective custom email in under 5 minutes. But Match is awesome and should be an important part of your arsenal if you have the right characteristics.

In my opinion you don't have to worry about being "beta" on emails - everybody is beta on and 95% of guys are also lazy as fuck in addition.

You'll stand out with strong emails and then when you meet on a date you're alpha, cool, confident, etc. Judging from your profile you may have even lived there for a spell - I'm very interested in visiting (I think I'd rank it second on my hit list behind Japan) and hope to make it happen in 2013.

but I would argue adamantly that is the most time-efficient tool for any form of dating. I've had at least 40 dates since I moved to my new city and close to half of them have (unsolicited) said by our second drink something along the lines of "wow - this is so different from my other dates." Knowing where they're going (I'm cool and "normal", their other dates are IP guys or accountants with zero social skills/confidence) I will either prompt them further or downplay it and change the subject to something that I'd talk about on a "normal" date.

There are several factors that you need to realize to maximize your efforts.

Tell me about what you're reading/watching as far as documentary/learning lately?

I'm about halfway through that "Americans in Paris" book by David Mc Cullough... I have such an affinity for Paris that I'll swallow up anything remotely related to France - I geeked out to "Russia Against Napoleon" earlier this year and loved it.These longer witty emails were for my targets who were 26-30 with grad degrees, literataey references, etc.My bad for not updating - I honestly thought this thread was dormant for good though.When's the last time that you went on a wine tasting?I used to do a good many in (redacted) but haven't been to one in (redacted) yet - lots of my new friends up here are beer drinkers.Actually if this thread ever got bumped I was going to agree with you in regards to girls aimed in the 20-28 range.