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Twenty-two tunnels and 29 bridges have been built on a new 107-kilometre stretch of track through the Thuringian Forest in former East Germany.

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In the process, it is set to put pressure on airlines and bus companies, which currently dominate the market on the route.Construction on the route started in 1996 and finished last year.“What use is a super-speed train to me if I have to wait 30 minutes in Erfurt for a connection?” asked Lutz, before claiming that the capital of Thuringia would become “the speed central of Germany.” Residents of east German towns such as Halle, Leipzig and Dresden are all set to benefit from quicker journey times.Below is our recent interview with Jeff van Ede, Co Founder & CEO of Simplaex: Simplaex, experts in marketing mobile games, has successfully closed its A-round funding.

Simplaex, a revolutionary peer-to-peer platform for game developers, now offers direct access to over 150 million players.

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By Law, this can not be done from Russia, Ukraine, Asia or South America.

Other high-speed ICE trains will beat down the route at more regular intervals, but will stop more often, making their journey times 4.25 hours long.

But it won’t just be people on the Munich-Berlin line who will benefit - the entire journey plan of Deutsche Bahn is being rearranged to fit in with the new route.

According to Lutz though, it will be worth the wait.