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We tested each service by running (with permission) a check on acquaintances of our reviewer and comparing each report for accuracy and the information each includes.

We recommend Intelius as the best background check service.

It had by far the most accurate report that included the widest range of information.

It was also one of the easiest services to use, with a dashboard that makes it easy to track your reports.

Usually, all of these items are included in your background check.

Some services, such as Instant Checkmate, charge additional fees for certain information like bankruptcies and court judgements.

Most background checks provide the same basic type of information, so to determine which services are most effective we looked at the accuracy, customizability and ease of use of each site.

Accuracy To evaluate these services, we purchased a background check from each one.Search Customization Getting an accurate report is the goal of paying for an online background check, but it’s hard to get that report when you can’t find the person you’re looking for.We looked at how well you can customize the search and filter the results to find the person you are looking for.You can also search for property information, marriage and divorce records, relatives, associates and social media profiles.These can be useful when trying to find the current whereabouts of a lost friend, acquaintance or relative.DISCLAIMER: Global Information Network, LLC, articles are provided for informational purposes only.