Avira is not updating automatically

I remember that back then too, Avira had problems updating the definitions. That makes me believe that they want users to shift to their premium version?Also shows that they are not serious about this thing.

If so from a business perspective this is at best short sighted and at worst suicidal.With Comodo improving all the time and (finally) the new Avast! this problem of updating has been an issue for years.I used Avira 2-3 years back, before I started to use Avast.I agree with what's said in all of the last three posts. Can't be availability of samples or process time converting the signatures because these guys have their own research lab in Austria somewhere for this exact purpose.

Can't be server quota because they could easily increase their hosted capacity or as it's likely to be owned and maintained directly by them just go down to the local store and buy another one I too am thinking that this is direct strategy to divert custom towards the paid version.on it's way, ***ing people off now will only kill their ability to retain existing customers and attract new ones later on.Also, we haven't seen the last of what China has to offer yet. Still, they did not fail to mention about the commercial version even in the freeware version news . So, finally Avira did something to improve the updates. It was a shame that such a good antivirus was being let down by an update problem.Avast 5 looks very promising and Avast is very open about the progress of their beta product. There are several good antimalware products that have proven track records out there as well. An Ubuntu Live CD or install is now viable for anyone that wants to put a bit of time into this alternative. -if you an to go an buy avira go ahead just one advice.can't trust in companies that don't provide basic service as advertised.