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Often a flattened piece of solid wire will do the trick, though. You'll need to detach the antenna coaxial cable and some quick-disconnect wiring before you can set the old box aside.

Your car might be fitted with a standard metal mounting frame.

Android or i Phone users should look for a head unit that can control the phone directly.

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Double DIN units are bigger and have more features; some radios have foldout touchscreens and all kinds of goodies.

Of course, your budget and needs will dictate your pick.

All audio units operate similarly: 12-volt power comes in; circuitry and processors generate signals that drive screens and speakers.

Mating a universal aftermarket radio to a model-specific speaker and power wiring can run the gamut from plug-and-play (easy) to running new wiring (hard).

If not, as was the case with our Audi A4, slide the kit frame into place and bend out a few of the metal tabs to hold the frame in place.

If you have an appropriate adapter harness, plug the factory connectors into the adapter and plug the adapter into the radio.All DIN connectors look the same, but they may have different pinouts, so if you're replacing a previously installed aftermarket radio, the wiring setup may not be an exact match.Before finishing the install, check the radio, make sure the speakers are working properly, and link and test any phones or players you may want to use.In the past, cutting into the original wiring and splicing in a new harness to fit the radio was the only way to make the upgrade.Fortunately, adapter kits can be ordered for just about every car now. Modern cars interface with smartphones for a world of entertainment and connectivity options.